Cass Real Estate Club

Who we are

The Cass Real Estate Club is a student and alumni driven organisation which creates valuable opportunities for members to engage with leading industry professionals and real estate organisations through its regular networking and panel discussion events and workshops throughout the year.

The Club provides a platform for interested members to gain insights into important industry topics and valuable networking opportunities with business leaders as well as alumni.

Our ultimate aim is to facilitate the development and employability of Cass students and alumni. We are also committed to strengthening the recognition of Cass Business School’s MSc Real Estate and MSc Real Estate Investment courses on a global scale.

The leadership of the Cass REC consists of the Board of Directors, The Management Team, The Events Team, The Corporate Sponsorship Team, & The Marketing Team.


The Board of Directors, who are all Cass alumni, provide a supervisor and support role to the team. With extensive experience within the Real Estate Industry, they provide an invaluable support mechanism to the four core teams within the Cass Real Estate Club.

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The Management Team, comprises four students (Co-chairs) elected by the student body on a yearly basis. They are in charge of overseeing the running of the daily activities of the society, whilst providing general assistance to the other core teams.


The Marketing Team, focuses on developing, enhancing and strategically circulating the Cass Real Estate Club Brand both on the Cass campus and out of the campus by forging strategic relationships to place the Cass Real Estate brand at the fore front of the Real Estate Industry, both to professionals and to students entering the industry in order to increase the brand equity that is attached to the Club.


The Corporate Sponsorship Team, channels its focus on sponsorship acquisition, whilst forging lucrative relationships with companies within the industry for the opportunity of sponsoring a Cass Real Estate Club event including the Cass Real Estate Club annual Conference which welcomes more than 150 attendees and C level guest speakers. For the past three years, the Sponsorship Team has raised more than £30,000 for the enhancement of the futures of talented students who may lack the finances to study a Real Estate / Real Estate Investment Masters at Cass. The Cass Real Estate Club Scholarship has truly served an exceptional cause, and continues to do so by the dedication of the Sponsorship Team.

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The Events Team, focuses on the logistical outlook of each event that is conducted by the Cass Real Estate Club. This consists of planning the structure of the events, followed by developing a detailed feasibility plan of how each event will contribute to the enhancement of the Cass Real Estate Club, as well as its members and stakeholders. The Events Team contributes extensively to the Cass Real Estate Conference, which has more than 100 components that must be considered logistically for it to maintain and uphold the brand credibility of the Cass Real Estate Club.


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Marketing Brochure Real Estate Club
2017 Conference Team